A Handmade Heirloom and Keepsake Box

For months I had been searching for a unique and beautiful wooden box to provide my clients.  One of the things that was very important to me was the craftsmanship quality, attention to detail, and I wanted it to be handmade.  I didn’t just want a to give my clients a factory item.

A few weeks ago while browsing Etsy, I came across Live Grain.  It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with Ben’s work. I contacted him as soon as I read he did custom work.  He worked with me to get the measurements I needed and the design I was looking for.  His response was quick and the customer ordering and communication was crazy smooth.

Below are photos of my demo box.  It sits on my desk and I can’t get enough of how beautiful it looks.

You can connect with Ben at Live Grain or via Facebook.

Candy-Acosta-Photography_0721 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0722 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0723 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0724 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0725


4 thoughts on “A Handmade Heirloom and Keepsake Box

  1. Beautiful! I’m always looking for new, unique ways to present images to my clients. Thank you for the share and I’m going to bookmark Ben’s info and look into this later.

  2. This is beautiful, Candy! I’ve been looking for something just like this so I’ll definitely check out Live Grain. Your clients are going to love these boxes!

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