Amanda’s Sweet Sixteen

Beautiful Miss Amanda celebrated her Sweet Sixteen a few weeks ago.  Coming from a gene pool of Seahawk fans, it was only natural for her to incorporate her love of football and the Seahawks in her photo session and her party.

Candy-Acosta-Photography_0687 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0688 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0689 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0690 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0691Candy-Acosta-Photography_0692 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0693 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0694 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0695 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0696 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0697 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0698 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0699 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0700 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0701 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0702 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0703 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0704 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0705 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0706 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0707 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0708 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0709 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0710 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0711 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0712


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