A Bubble Gum Pink Quinceañera…And The Case of A Shy Photographer

Some time in February or March of this year I was browsing online at a number of beautiful and carefully put together stylized wedding sessions, and I started thinking that this same idea could be applied towards Quinceañeras.  After several of weeks of thinking about it endlessly, I began to plan for a stylized Quinceañera session.  Never mind that I didn’t really know what style I wanted; I had never put together anything like this before.  Up to this point the only thing I had been able to coordinate was my outfit for the day!

I’m a very timid person (although that changes when I’m behind the camera), but the idea of calling other vendors and asking them to collaborate and spend their precious time and resources, had me almost hyperventilating even before I typed the first sentence of the email or keyed their phone number on my phone.  I mean, who would even want to work with me?!! As artists I always struggle with the “I’m I good enough” thoughts.  And there I was…finding every excuse under the sun…hesitating.

Lots of emails later….and to my surprise all of the vendors I contacted agreed to participate and my “I’m I good enough” anxiety slowly wore off, only to be replaced by “How in the blank I’m I going to pull this off”, but that also passed.

At the end, I settled for an elegant look with light pink, gold and white tones.  To top it off, the photos were published in three different blogs and a few of the photos were pinned hundreds of types on Pinterest.  I’m so grateful to all of the vendors below for trusting in my work and my vision, but most of all for helping get out of my comfort zone and for making wonderful relationships.

The Cake Walk Shop

Paper Fling

AA Party Rentals

Lynnwood Convention Center

Flora D’ Amore Floral Artisty

Hermosa Bridal

Santana Salon and Spa

Energia Events and Decor

Candy-Acosta-Photography_0545 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0546 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0547 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0548 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0549 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0550 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0551 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0552 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0553 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0554 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0555 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0556 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0557 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0558 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0559 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0560 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0561 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0562 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0563 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0564 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0565 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0566 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0567 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0568 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0569 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0570 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0571 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0572 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0573 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0574 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0575


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