Kevin and Kelsie’s Wedding in Anacortes, Washington

During the summer I was given the opportunity to be a second photographer for Berryessa Photography.  I’ve lived in Seattle for a little over 3 years since my move from Iowa, and this was my first time visiting Anacortes.  I enjoy seeing new places and the Pacific Northwest is filled with natural beauty, and helping to photograph Kevin and Kelsie’s wedding was an added bonus.  I made it a point to arrive early and I did a little bit of location scouting.  The sky was blue and it reflected perfectly on the water which added to the beautiful day.

Candy-Acosta-Photography_0627 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0628Candy-Acosta-Photography_0629Candy-Acosta-Photography_0626 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0630 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0631 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0632 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0633 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0634 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0635 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0636 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0637 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0638 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0639 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0640 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0641 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0642 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0643 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0644 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0645 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0646 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0647 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0648 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0649 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0650 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0651 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0652 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0653 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0654 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0655 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0656 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0657 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0658 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0659 Candy-Acosta-Photography_0660


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