Quinceanera: A Tampa Girl in Seattle

Last Monday I finally got to meet Caitlin, a beautiful, smart and witty fifteen year old from Tampa, Florida. A few months ago her parents contacted me to do a photo session for her in order to commemorate her Quinceanera. Caitlin opted for a cruise trip to Alaska rather than having a traditional celebration. Since her family would be visiting Seattle and the surrounding area a few days prior to their trip to the Alaska, they wanted to incorporate parts of the city in her photo session. Caitlin wore a beautiful heirloom white dress that belonged to her aunt and was worn for her Quinceanera many years ago. Because Caitlin has a love for books and she aspires to be a writer in the future it was fitting that books be involved.  Debbie Sarow, owner of Mercer Street Books was so kind to let us do part of her photo shoot in her super cool bookstore. Candy-Acosta-Photography_0238.jpg Candy-Acosta-Photography_0240.jpg Candy-Acosta-Photography_0241.jpg Candy-Acosta-Photography_0242.jpg Candy-Acosta-Photography_0239.jpg Candy-Acosta-Photography_0222.jpg Candy-Acosta-Photography_0223.jpg Candy-Acosta-Photography_0224.jpg Candy-Acosta-Photography_0225.jpg Candy-Acosta-Photography_0226.jpg Candy-Acosta-Photography_0227.jpg Candy-Acosta-Photography_0228.jpg Candy-Acosta-Photography_0229.jpg Candy-Acosta-Photography_0230.jpg Candy-Acosta-Photography_0231.jpg Candy-Acosta-Photography_0232.jpg Candy-Acosta-Photography_0233.jpg Candy-Acosta-Photography_0234.jpg Candy-Acosta-Photography_0235.jpg Candy-Acosta-Photography_0236.jpg Candy-Acosta-Photography_0237.jpg


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