Wear Your Beautiful Every Day – Bellefleur Lingerie Boutique, Seattle, WA

Ladies lets be honest we all have a bra or two in our drawer that makes up feel sexy, powerful and chic; and we probably also have more that are just plain meh.  When was the last time you went in for a bra fitting?  It’s been years for me.   This is one of the most important pieces of wardrobe we wear and many times we neglect to have the correct size or purchase more that make us feel amazing.

Lindsey Runyon, owner of Bellefleur Lingerie Boutique in Fremont, Seattle has been helping women fuse comfort, sexiness and fashion for over ten years.  She stated in the lingerie industry at the age of 15, an industry that she describes as a “really fun business to be in”.  Lindsey was hooked instantly because it gave her the opportunity to see women transform when they are put into the correct bra size and the beautiful pieces that complemented their bodies and outfits.

“Our motto is, wear your beautiful every day.  You should embrace your femininity and wear your beautiful lingerie, don’t save it for a special occasion.  Wear it whenever you want to because it’s for you, it’s there to make you feel good” said Lindsey.

Every woman who walks into her shop for the first time receives a fitting to determine their shape and size, and to determine what will work best for them.  Having a large selection of specialized products, Lindsey and her team help their customers select pieces to try on without the hassle of going through the racks like most people experience at department stores.  For the customer who likes to browse and select on their own, they can more than welcome to do so.  “We want clients to walk out of the store with a great experience; we also want them to feel that we care about them.  We want people to feel welcome” said Lindsey.

Lindsey also makes it a point to attend smaller fashions shows from independent designers while in New York and she works with a few that specialize in eco-friendly products.  She hopes to be able to introduce more organic cottons in the future. “One of the things we try to do, is to bring in more independent designers and after January first we are no longer acquiring any new items that are made in China.  We are trying to be more socially conscious.”

So ladies, next time you are shopping for lingerie remember to buy a bra that brings form, function and design together to make you feel and look your best.

Lindsey also gave some good tips for those who would like to give lingerie as a gift.  Scroll to the bottom for tips. 🙂

















Tips 🙂

  • Peek in her drawer and make note of the sizes she has in there. (Hand gestures showing what size she is will not get you very far)
  • If you are in a new relationship, don’t purchase the raciest outfit, it may backfire on you.  Play it safe.
  • If she shops at Bellefleur Lingerie already, half the work is already done, because they keep sizes on file.
  • Let Lindsey and her staff help with the gift-wrapping.
  • If you are completely out of ideas, Bellefleur Lingerie also offers gift certificates.

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