Valeria’s Candy Shoppe Photo Session – Seattle

I meet Valeria and her mom a few months ago.  As soon as she told me she was planning a Candyland theme party for her sweet sixteen I stated to get all giddy.  Then when she told me her party was going to be on July 6 (which is my birthday…I will NOT be disclosing my age.  Let’s just say that I’m old enough to know better, but not old enough to be wise) it was like I was slapped with sugar.  1. My name is Candy, 2. She is having a Candyland theme party, 3. It’s on my b-day. Hell YEAH I will take your photos!

We did a total of three photo sessions.  Valeria loves to have her photos taken and I love taking photos…PERFECT! The first session took place at Sweet Mickey’s Candy Shoppe in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood and it was perfect!

I was very close to posting a preview of the photos, when she drops the bomb and lets me know that her theme is being kept secret from her friends and guests…and up went the gag order 😦 I begged and asked nicely, but this young lady didn’t crack.  So for over a month I have not been able to share ANYTHING until today.  Here is the first of the three sessions!

Candy Acosta Photography 004

Location:  Sweet Mickey’s Candy Shoppe


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