Chris + Jovana’s Seattle Engagement

All love stories start out somewhere.  Chris and Jovana’s love story started eight year ago at her father’s restaurant where Chris and Jovana worked.  Unknown to Jovana, she had already made an impression on Chris.  At that time there was only one thing holding him back from asking Jovana out on a date….the fear of Jovana’s father.  Noticing this she made the first move and asked Chris out on a date. 
Not to long ago, knowing how much Jovana liked Christmas he took her out on a date to see the Nutcracker.  Afterwards, they headed to an Italian restaurant, which Chris has rented out for the both of them.  That night he proposed.
Chris and Jovana will wed this summer in Cuautla, Jalisco, Mexico.  A small town located in the hills of eastern Mexico where she has spent many summers and Christmas’s along with friends and family, and a place she is fond of. 
Candy Acosta Photography_Chris and Jovana_Seattle_1


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